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Length: 140cm (55.12 inches)
Width: 140cm (55.12 inches)

Limited edition
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Timone (blue/white)
Large, limited edition silk scarf with artistic nautical design


his stunning scarf creates the perfect feel of summer, the nautical design is clean, fresh and full of fun and freedom.

Made in Italy from 100% silk this outstanding scarf has a unique design by noted Italian artist Ruggiero Bignardi. It has 14mm hand rolled edges which have been expertly stitched by artisans in the Lake Como area of Italy.

The Timone silk scarf is larger and can be worn in many ways. It can be rolled around or tied round the neck, leisurely placed over the shoulders or tied around the head in a variety of styles. It is also large enough to be used as a wrap over a bikini. Use it to enhance your personality and outfits or simply to express your mood at different times.

This silk scarf has been made with the highest quality materials sourced from the silk district of Como, Italy.

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