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Alatri Shoulder Bag - details

  • Alatri Shoulder Bag: Timeless Elegance
  • Crafted from premium Italian vintage leather
  • Large, soft silhouette with closely woven leather
  • Wide single handle adorned with brass metal work
  • Adjustable handle for comfortable grip
  • Detachable leather shoulder strap for versatility
  • Ample space inside with one compartment, a zipped pocket, and two open pockets
  • Secure closure with full-length zip
  • Versatile carrying options: hand, wrist, or shoulder
  • Epitome of Italian luxury
  • Proudly made in Italy
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Alatri (tan)
Luxurious Alatri Italian Leather Shoulder Bag


Indulge in timeless elegance with the Alatri Shoulder Bag. Meticulously crafted from premium Italian vintage leather, this bag exudes sophistication and charm. Its large, soft silhouette and closely woven leather showcase exquisite craftsmanship. The wide, single handle, adorned with brass metal work, offers both durability and style. Adjust it effortlessly for a comfortable grip or attach the detachable leather shoulder strap for added versatility. Inside, find ample space with one compartment, a zipped pocket, and two open pockets to keep your essentials organized. Closing securely with a full-length zip, this bag ensures your belongings are safe while you're on the move. Whether carried in hand, over the wrist, or snugly on the shoulder, the Alatri Shoulder Bag epitomizes Italian luxury. Elevate your style with this iconic accessory, proudly made in Italy.

Height: 32cm (12.60 inches)
Width: 42cm (16.54 inches)
Depth: 10cm (3.94 inches)

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