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Height: 20cm (7.80inches)
Width: 23cm (9 inches)
Depth: 11cm (4.30 inches)
Strap: 135cm (53.10 inches)
Weight: 0.90kg (1.98 pounds)
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Pachino (black)
Easy to wear messenger bag


The Pachino leather messenger bag is a very unusual and individual shape.

Pachino Messenger Bag - details

  • Comfortable & easy to wear design
  • Slightly shorter straps
  • Can be carried on the shoulder, arm or in the hand
  • Compact but roomy
  • 2 interior compartments
  • Closes by means of a flap with snap buttons
  • Zippered pocket on front of flap
  • Zippered pocket on back of bag
  • Brushed brass fittings

It has been designed like this to create a comfortable, easy to wear bag that you would be happy to have over your shoulder all day, every day. The double, slightly shorter than normal straps allow you to also carry it easily in your hand or over the crook of your arm.

It is compact, but roomy with two interior compartments and a zippered pocket on both the front flap and the bag of the bag. The Pachino closes with snap buttons on the flap.

The base of this tasteful and functional messenger bag has four sturdy metal studs to protect it when placed on the ground. These, and all of the metallic fittings are made from brushed brass

Compact form and supreme comfort come together in this easy-to-wear messenger-style bag. With its magnetic closure and zipped pocket on the back, it's as functional as it is tasteful.

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